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What is Stress ?

Stress is a form of tension that you experience when you encounter a situation of potential threat. The threat can be some event or your thoughts that make you frustrated, angry or anxious. And the tensions that you experience can be of emotional or physical in nature. Your body responds to stress in two types, fight-or-flight. Your body either fights and defeats the potential danger or it signals to flight means avoid that event its a danger. So these are two stress response.
stress management
When you are in danger, the nervous system of your body releases stress hormones in excessive amount into your body, which helps your body to take emergency action. In such scenario, your heart beats increases, you breathe faster, your blood pressure rises, these helps your body to increase strength and stamina giving you adrenaline push so that you can focus on the event and respond in either fight or flight condition accordingly. There are two main types of stress : 
  • Acute Stress - This is a short duration stress, this type of stress we can get in our daily lives like when you are driving car and suddenly dog comes in your way so you apply brakes, stress before exam results, stress if your favorite team will win the match or not.
  • Chronic Stress - This is a long term stress which is not good for your health. It can cause serious problems to your body. Like if you have financial problems, relationship problems for long time,etc these comes under chronic stress because your body releases stress hormones for longer duration.

Symptoms of Stress :

We can observe many types of physical and emotional symptoms due to stress :
  • Unhappiness
  • Anger, irritation, loneliness
  • Eating more
  • lack of sleep
  • alcohol consumption
  • loss of sex drive
  • Memory problems
  • Overthinking

Effects of Stress :

When you suffer from chronic stress your body stays active in releasing stress hormones continuously even though there is no immediate danger. As most of your body resources are being utilized constantly resulting in serious health problems which might be hard to recover from easily. Some of the common health problems one suffers from chronic stress are :
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Weight Problems
  • Digestive Problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Diabetes
  • Reproductive problems
So to avoid these health problems stress management is very essential.

Why Stress Management is important ?

Everyone wants to be always happy and fulfilled, reducing stress helps us to achieve that goal.Stress Management can improve your mood, boost your immune function and promote longevity. By having constant stress you are putting your entire well-being at risk. It messes with your brain resulting in poor decision making. If stress is not managed properly then after some time you may get cardiovascular diseases. You get inefficient in performing your daily tasks.

Stress Management Techniques : 

  • Positive Mindset : Always have positive approach towards your life, no matter the circumstances always console your mind with positive thoughts. Even if everything is going wrong in your life just tell your mind and heart that everything will be fine you need not worry, this is a time, it will pass.
  • Take care of yourself : Get min. of 7 hrs of sleep daily, eat healthy meals, Exercise daily.
  • Take a vacation : Take a break from your work life go on some vacation.
  • Spend time with others : Spend time with your friends and family, make memories, go on outing with your friends.
  • Watch some funny videos : Watch funny cats videos on youtube i guarantee it will make you laugh and your stress will be relieved.
  • Say NO to alcohol : Many people consume alcohol which is a major factor in stress building, so don't smoke and don't drink.
  • Practice relaxation techniques : Do meditation and yoga daily morning it will help you to cope with stress at work.
  • Develop Hobbies : Practicing hobbies is very important as hobbies are the things that you enjoy performing, hence its a great stress reliever. 
  • Stay away from negative people : Do not indulge in negative people, they are your worst enemies.


I hope you liked this article and implement these techniques in your daily life.  Do comment your views on this topic and share it with your friends to help them understand the necessity of stress management . For other relevant topics check out this site self improvement

Thank You :)



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