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Confidence Boosting

Confidence is the feeling you get when you know you can excel in the given task. Self-Confidence is very necessary and healthy for your life. Everyone lacks self-confidence at some point in their lives. All you need is a little boost to bring back your confidence and excel at your tasks. Being confident is very good for your mental health, like if you don't have self confidence your mind will always be in negative state. You will have thoughts of failing, you will make an image about yourself saying you will never be good enough to achieve something. If these thoughts piles up ultimately you will suffer from depression, if you face some difficulty you will have anxiety attacks because you have made that image about yourself. Eventually, your friends would not like to hang out with you anymore. So you need to boost your self-confidence from time to time. Even if you are confident, doesn't means you will stay confident forever. Having self-confidence has many perks, you get success at your work, you become socially likeable person. So I have given below some ways you can boost your confidence.

8 Secrets to Boost your Confidence : 

  1. Take Care of Yourself :  Look after yourself first, always be well groomed, take care of your hairstyle, have decent look, always dress well, meditate daily morning. If you do these things automatically you will get your confidence boosted. If you go for some social meetings no one likes the person who is not dressed for the event or who is not groomed properly, everyone will try to avoid having conversation with that person. On the other hand, if you are dressed wisely, groomed properly, then people change their perception about you. If you are the smartest person in room, your overall personality stands out from everyone else, then obviously people will praise you, hence helping in your confidence boosting.
  2. Stop Comparing yourself with others : Many people have habit of comparing their lives with others, this leads to major disappointment and so your good life turns into a miserable one. From kids to adults everyone compares themselves with someone above them, kids think their friends have this brand new cycle and my parents cant afford even a simple one, Adults think their friends have bought such a big house and I am still living in a small apartment. This leads to depression and you let out frustration on your family, making yours and people around you sad. Instead, you should be grateful with the things you own, express gratitude, this helps in boosting your confidence. If you are grateful with the things you own and not become sad about things you want but can't have, then automatically your thoughts will be changed as I don't need other materialistic things to make me happy, I am grateful to God for providing everything I have. Say these lines daily and I guarantee you will feel confident among the people above you.
  3. confidence boostingEliminate negative people from your life: Stay away from people who have bad influence on you, who always wish bad things happen to you. You might enjoy their company and might not get at the moment that they are destroying your life, and not improving it. Your character and intelligence is defined by people you hang out with. If your friends are the people who are broke, got no motivation in life, always party and get wasted, don't think of their future. Then you are friends with wrong people. Have someone in your life who is career oriented, hustling for success, helping you in achieving the same. Having these kind of friends around boosts your confidence and make your work even harder and increase your graph of success.
  4. Improve your fitness : Exercise for at least 45 min daily. Even if we work full day or sit idle full day our mind gets dull, so exercising helps to refresh our mind as well as our body. Do meditation for 20 mins early morning then do full body workout. This way your mind stays active and gets adrenaline pump for the rest of the day, making you feel confident and helps to complete the tasks on your to-do-list. 
  5. Set small goals - We all have some big goals in our lives. But they are very hard to accomplish, so often times we try and fail. Failure is the part of the process in achieving success. Directly trying to accomplish bigger goals results in failure, so try setting smaller goals to achieve that main goal. So as you complete your small goals your confidence will increase step by step, and in no time your main goal will also get completed. For example, A man who weighs 300 pounds sets a goal to lose 100 pounds in 6 months, he starts hard core dieting and exercising daily for 3 hours. It works for few days then later he gives up, his confidence also dies and he never accomplishes his goal. So try setting smaller goals like I will cut off all the sugary products from my meals, and i will walk daily for 1 hr. After you achieve this goal successfully for some days then make your diet strict. Like this you will boost your confidence as you accomplish smaller goals, which helps you in achieving main goal.
  6. Correct your body language : Your body language also portrays your level of confidence. Having a good body posture boosts your confidence. Stand tall, keep your shoulders straight. Walk like you own the place, have a gentle smile on your face. Greet your friends with excitement, look them in the eyes while having conversation. Pay full attention to your surroundings. Engage in conversations. These are some of the signs that a confident man has. So try to implement as many as possible to be the most confident person in the room.
  7. Be Prepared : Stop procrastinating and finish your work no matter how hard it is. Suppose, tomorrow you have exams and you have prepared anything, obviously you will be tensed and worried. So if you are prepared well enough for the exam you will be confident that no matter how difficult the questions are, I am well prepared and will excel in the exam. So even if you follow the previous steps to boost confidence it will not be as much helpful as when you are prepared. So don't be overconfident and be well prepared.
  8. Be kind and generous : Always be kind and generous to everyone it will make you feel happy about yourself and boosts your confidence. As you have some bad days, other people also have bad day so if you are kind and generous to them on those days their mood will also lighten up. Then will be happy that in their bad mood someone is so kind and generous to them. Likewise, always have smile on your face. It attracts positive people in your life. Compliment others on their looks or about their behavior or anything, just stay positive and try to make people happy.

Books for boosting self confidence :

  1. The Confidence Gap : A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self- Doubt - This is the best book in building your self-confidence . I personally like this book because it shows you the road map for confronting your fears and doubts that keep holding you back.   

      2.The Power of Self Confidence : This book gives you in depth knowledge about the great wonders of how Self Confidence has helped people achieve the greater things in life.

Conclusion : 

Confidence is the necessity in today's world to achieve success, so implement the steps given above to boost your confidence daily. Make sure to buy those books, they really help to turn your life from nothing to everything. Make sure to follow self improvement for other related contents that can you help you succeed and have a happy life and also comment down your views.

Thank You :)


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